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Select the number of people (minimum 2) and the type of tour package you want to La Paz, Bolivia.

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Suspension cable cars in La Paz, Bolivia.

Make your trip to La Paz special and memorable by enhancing it with one of our tour packages.

In these tours of La Paz, you will get to know this magical city and the charms it has to offer. The options are many, so get ready to live an adventure.

All packages include personal transportation, a driver who stays focused on the road and protecting your luggage, and an independent English-speaking tour guide who will keep you busy and aware of everything going on around you, guiding you through every sight and its significance.

Meals and gratuities are not included.
A minimum of 2 people is required.
A minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required.

Visiting TiguaVisiting TiguaVisiting TiguaVisiting Tigua
What's included:
Local Guide
Pick-up from hotel

--Immerse yourself in an unprecedented cultural experience by exploring the Cholitas Wrestling League. Understand and witness the relevance that cholitas have acquired inside the ring! Learn about keys, counter keys, flat backs, acrobatics, and a lot of adrenaline on the ring. Undoubtedly, the best example of adaptation and inclusion has been the Aymara women. The cholitas of Bolivia do not leave behind their traditional dress: colorful skirts made up of several layers of fabric called "polleras", embroidered blankets, and bowler hats are part of the wrestling spectacle. Likewise, they do not leave behind their desire to develop themselves as models, businesswomen, policemen, politicians, and fighters.

--Visit the Musem Antonio Paredes Candia (closed on Sundays and Mondays). Understand the different cultures that populate the La Paz area.

--Visit the Museum of Musical Instruments. This cultural hub shows how musical instruments have taken a special place in Bolivian culture and its development.

-- Visit the Witches Market to see how locals interact and carry out business transactions with "brujas", and then climb up the Mirador de Virgen Blanca to get a fabulous view of the city.
What's included:
Bilingual guide
Meal and drinks samples.

--Lanza Market, a traditional local market where locals buy fresh produce and exotic fruits. As we wander the aisles in search of local flavors, we will try delicious vitamin juice and the traditional "api con pastel" (red corn drink with cake).

--Visit the historic center of La Paz. We will stop at several of the most popular local restaurants in the Bolivian capital to sample some of the most traditional appetizers and dishes of this area of Bolivia. As we walk through the historic center of La Paz, we will go to:

--Restaurant Alaya to taste traditional Bolivian dishes. We will taste the crackling pork and the popular "fritanga" accompanied by a refreshing beer. We will also visit the colonial restaurant Mirasol to taste the popular "singani sour", a drink made from the Moscatel de Alejandría grape. There we will taste the traditional peanut soup and pique macho, one of the main dishes of the local gastronomy, composed of beef, sausages, potatoes, and egg.

--Higher Ground Café, one of the most emblematic bars in La Paz. We will end our gastronomic tour of La Paz with a local dessert and a glass of wine.
What's included:
Pick-up from hotel
Bilingual guide (English-Spanish)
Entrance fee to the Isla del Sol

--Navigate Lake Titicaca, visit the cities of Copacabana and Yumani and discover the mystical Inca Stairs and the Inca Fountain with a guided excursion from La Paz.

--The first stop is at Tiquina, the narrowest part of Lake Titicaca. Cross to the other side by boat and continue the trip with a 30-minute bus ride to the town of Copacabana.

--Enjoy lunch in Copacabana and go to the shore to catch a boat to Isla del Sol, where you can see the Escalera del Inca and the Fuente del Inca, also known as the Fountain of Youth. This fountain represents the three pillars of the Aymara culture, Ama Sua, Ama Llulla and Ama Quella, which mean: thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not lie and thou shalt not be lazy.

--Visit the village of Yumani and return to the port to take the boat back to Copacabana.

--Back in Copacabana, explore the church, the main square and the handicraft market.
What's included:
Pick-up from hotel
Special tour guide
Entrance fee to the Moon Valley
Entrance fee to the Valley of the Souls
Entrance fee to 3 cable car lines

--The tour starts heading south, where you will see the residential houses, as well as the most expensive, colorful, and favorite neighborhoods of the locals.

--We will visit the Valley of the Moon and the Valley of the Souls in La Paz, both sites are very similar, but each has its own personal charm. The landscapes that we will see will be adorned by geological formations, craters, obelisks, petrified areas, and huge hills that extend to the viewpoint that we can save ourselves for during the hike.

--Ride three lines of the first urban cable car in the world, from the heights we will contemplate unmissable views of the city, the snow-capped mountains and the series of clay that make La Paz so beautiful.

--Next, we will take a walking tour through the historic center of Nuestra Señora de La Paz. There, we will be able to contemplate several pre-Hispanic and colonial buildings, the San Francisco Church, the Cathedral, the Witches Market, the 16 de Julio Avenue and the Murillo Square, without overlooking the Government Palace, the Parliament and other important buildings that are located in its surroundings.
What's not included:
--Drinks and meals.
--Tips and gratuities.
What's not included:
What's not included:
What's not included:
--Drinks and meals.
--Tips and gratuities.
Price: $89 per person.Price: $65 per person.Price: $129 per person.Price: $91 per person.
Departure: Hotel in La Paz at 8:00AM.Departure: Hotel in La Paz at 5:00PM.Departure: Hotel in La Paz at 7:00AM.Departure: Hotel in La Paz at 8:00AM.
Arrival: Hotel in La Paz at 5:00PM.Arrival: Hotel in La Paz at 10:30PM.Arrival: Hotel in La Paz at 10:00PM.Arrival: Hotel in La Paz at 10:00PM.

Cancellation Policies:

Sorry, there are no refunds for the tours described in this section once you place your reservation.
If you are concerned your plans might change, instead of placing a reservation, we recommend you place a request through our contact form that we invoice you directly with a due date of the invoice seven days ahead of your trip, and this will allow you to delay payment until that time.

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