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Salar Uyuni

Make your trip to the Uyuni Salt Flats especially memorable by enhancing it with one of our tour packages.

On this 3 days and 2 nights tour southwest of Potosi, you will get to know the magical Uyuni Salt Flats, the largest of its type in the world with a distance of more than 200 km long and a width of 80 km, a reserve of more than 64 billion tons of salt.

All packages include personal transportation, a driver who stays focused on the road and protecting your luggage, and an independent English-speaking tour guide who will keep you engaged and aware of everything going on around you, guiding you through every sight and its significance.

Meals and gratuities are included.
A minimum of 2 people is required.
A minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required.

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What's included:
Pick up from hotel or hostel.

English-speaking guided tours to:
--Train Cemetery. Tourists are attracted to this unusual rusty cemetery of a ghostly trains sitting out in a desert at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters high. Located in Uyuni, a city in southwestern Bolivia.
--Necropolis and Musem Kawsay Wasy. This museum explains how people were buried in the Pre-Inca era, and how they used the tombs. Each tomb is a natural piece of coral rock. This museum still preserves the corpses of some bodies, including the skeleton in a fetal position.
--Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology of the Southern Andes. Learn about the people and civilizations prior to the Incas. Remains of weapons, kitchen utensils, and artifacts of daily life are available in the exhibition. Visitors leave with a clear idea of the Pre-Inca way of life as well as some of the traditions that have been preserved over time.
What's included:
Pick up from hotel or hostel.
Samples and food.

English-speaking guided tours to:
-- Visit traditional restaurants run by cooks known for maintaining the flavor of Bolivian Andean food. Among the foods you can try are Quinoa soup, which is one of the most popular dishes in Uyuni. It is prepared with quinoa, vegetables and the meat of your choice. Another of the typical stews of this destination is the crispy llama charque, a high-protein food prepared with dehydrated llama meat.
Quinoa and llama meat are the main ingredients of Uyuni's typical food.
You can also try k'ala phurka, a soup of ground chili, beef, corn flour and potatoes served with a hot stone on the plate, and chicharrón, which is pork meat fried in oil accompanied with dehydrated potato, cooked corn, and a spicy ground tomato.
For refreshment, nothing better than a chicha, a product of corn fermentation; a garapiña, similar to chicha but with cinnamon ice cream, grated coconut, and strawberries, or guarapo, a sweet and alcoholic drink made from the fermentation of grapes.
Among the desserts are chambergo, a doughnut dipped in syrup, and sopaipillas, prepared with flour, butter, egg, sugar and salt.
What's included:
Pick-up from your hotel or bus terminal

English-speaking guided tours to:
--Salt Flats on a 4WD vehicle with capacity for 6 passengers. This shared service will take you to see the most popular salt flats in the world. The tour will stop at the different sightseeing spots so you can use your camera to capture the beauty of the Bolivian Andes.
--Visit the train cemetery where Tourists see the unusual rust cemetery turned into a ghost train station at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters located in Uyuni, a city in southwestern Bolivia belonging to the department of Potosi.

Delivery at selected hotels in Uyuni.
Price: $89 per person.Price: $89 per person.Price: $89 per person.
Departure: Uyuni downtown at 8:00 AM.Departure: Uyuni downtown at 8:00 AM.Departure: Uyuni downtown at 7:00 AM.
Arrival: Your hotel or hostel in Uyuni at 5:00 PM.Arrival: Your hotel or hostel in Uyuni at 5:00 PM.Arrival: Your hotel or hostel in Uyuni at 5:00 PM.

Cancellation Policies:

Sorry, there are no refunds for the tours described in this section once you place your reservation.
If you are concerned your plans might change, instead of placing a reservation, we recommend you place a request through our contact form that we invoice you directly with a due date of the invoice seven days ahead of your trip, and this will allow you to delay payment until that time.

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