Highlights of Around Town Drivers

For travelers who don't need a tour guide...

Or residents who don't need a full-time chauffeur.

  • 1
    Exclusively Yours

    During the course of your reserved time, your driver takes no other calls nor picks up other passengers. Count on your driver and car being for you and you only, period.

  • 2
    Additional staff at your service

    Our bilingual English- and Spanish-speaking customer support team stands ready during your trip to translate and communicate with your driver if needed, keeping you clearly guided and informed.

  • 3
    Easily renew a second outing and get a discount

    Each outing past your first is faster to arrange as you're a registered client, plus instantly gain points you can redeem as discounts on future trips.



La Paz


Santa Cruz


Beni (Trinidad)






Pando (Cobija)







How it works

It's as simple as Reserve, then Ride!


Just click the Around Town logo here to choose your city, how many hours you need, and when you want to go.  MAXIMUM 2 PERSONS PER RESERVATION.


Your driver picks you up per your order, waits for you while you go sightseeing or conduct your appointments, and drives you back to where you started or another drop-off point you request.

Key Things to Keep in Mind

  • Parking fees are not included. You can either pay for parking where you would like the driver to wait, or give him a time to return so he can go find free parking nearby and come back at the appointed time.
  • Around Town is not a tour service, and drivers are not official tour guides. If you are interested in tour packages, check out the Tours page.
  • Around Town is not a long-distance city-to-city service, but we can drop you off anywhere within the radius displayed when you choose a city and package. For standard long-distance private shuttles, see the Bolivia Shuttles page.
  • Drivers only speak Spanish, but our support team will gladly translate any instructions or requests you have in advance.
  • With advance notice, we can accommodate pets, oversized luggage, wheelchairs, and other special needs.
  • The passenger limit is two persons per reservation.

See more in the FAQ below…

1/4 day (2 hours)


Ideal for those with a single appointment, errand, or sight to go see.

1/2 day (4 hours)


Lunch and a movie? Multiple appointments? A list of sights to see? A 1/2 day around town will fit the bill.

Full-Day (8 hours)


Have the security of a driver with you all day for a prolonged expedition, meetings around town for your work day, or packing as many errands as you can throughout a full day.


We are currently operating in La Paz and Santa Cruza, as well as Beni (Trinidad), Cochabamba, Oruro, Pando (Cobija), Pando, Sucre, and Tarija.

Yes, we also provide city-to-city private shuttle services. Just go to our private shuttle calculator to look up a route and reserve.

Yes, you can search for them the same as you would a bus, by just going to the home page here at boliviaschedules.com. If there are shared shuttle services for your route, you will see them declared as such in the Type column, or you can use the filter to only show Shared Shuttles.

Shared shuttles only exist on highly trafficked routes, and even then may be cancelled if not enough riders reserve seats, so be prepared and flexible if this unfortunately happens and we will try and reschedule you on the next shared shuttle departure or a bus.

Payments are accepted by credit card and PayPal at the end of your reservation process here on this site. To get started, just select your route and time of trip and then you will be guided through the steps to make your payment.

No, we pay our drivers in advance in order to lock in the contract for you, and so we only accept online payments.

Absolutely. You can either arrange the airport trip as a one-way trip, or have the driver wait for you at the airport while you pick up other passengers as long as you have arranged for the correct size of vehicle.

No, but each Around Town service has a generous radius that takes into consideration what is reasonable to do within the allotted time you reserve.  For smaller towns, this means you can go outside the town limits to see and do things in other nearby towns or villages, and then make it back to your starting point by the time the package limit is over.

Not in any formal sense.  Drivers only speak Spanish for the most part, and are not trained tour guides. While our focus is on transportation services, we do provide some tour packages, which do include a tour guide as well as a driver.

Parking fees are not included in the Around Town service, and are yours to pay if you want the driver to park in a place that requires parking fees.  You can avoid this by instead giving the driver an appointed time to return and pick you up and then he will go park somewhere else nearby that doesn’t have parking fees.  So, it’s up to you:  if you prefer to keep an open-ended time frame for your appointment and have the driver wait in a paid lot or slot, then you will need to pay the parking fees.  But if you prefer to not pay for parking and just have the driver come back at an appointed time, then just communicate that to him.

On the last page of checkout, there’s an additional field for you to write Order Notes.  Here you can let us know in advance of anything important you have in mind that the driver needs to understand, like exactly what are the places you want to go and visit.

You can also keep communicating with us after you place your order and even during your trip by email by just replying to the same email address that sends you your receipt.  We can then translate that to the driver by phone.

Each time you take an Around Town service, you gain 10 points for each hour reserved.  For example, the two hour service is 20 points, the four hour service is 40 points, and the eight hour or full day service is 80 points.  Points are redeemable at the rate of $1 for every 100 points, so the more Around Town services you reserve, points can add up quickly to give you immediate discounts on your further trips.

No extra registration is required.  We automatically reimburse your payment method based on your email address and the history of your orders.

Email us immediately.  We will let you know if you need to order a second package (second driver) or just pay an online invoice for an extension with the same driver.  The extension or second package must be paid online before the driver can perform them.

Please don’t pressure the driver as he may have another trip planned past your contract or have personal committments that he is uncomfortable sharing for fear of disappointing you.

Yes, but please let us know in advance by checking the pets box during checkout.

We typically use 25kg as a guide, but whatever you believe will fit in the trunk of a small sedan is fine.  If you have oversized luggage like a surfboard or bike, do let us know in advance during checkout by checking the oversized luggage checkbox.

Correct.  Around Town packages are designed for 1-2 persons (the package price covers both persons).  For three or more passengers, just use the custom itinerary form on AndesTransit and specify your group size there and that your origin and destination are the same city.  You will then receive a custom quote for your group’s trip.

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